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Top-Level Domain Name Registries

Subscribe to iQ Abuse reports to stay informed about domain name abuse in your name space!

Name Server Operators

If you are a registrar, hosting provider, or DNS-provider, iQ Abuse reports will give you insights if domain name abuse is a problem for your operation.

Domain Name Holders

If you manage or are considering purchasing a portfolio of domain names, subscribe to iQ Abuse Report, then sit back and relax! We will let you know if abuse occurs!

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Subscribing to iQ Abuse reports is quick, easy and totally free! There are no fees or payment details to enter unless you choose to upgrade to a more detailed report.

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When you subscribe you will need to specify if you want the report to be based on Top-Level domain extensions, name servers, IP addresses, or a list of domain names. Then you will need to input the TLDs, DNS-servers, IPs, or domain names you wish to include in your customized report.

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Once you have defined your report parameters, you will be asked to confirm your account, then your first Abuse report will be waiting in your inbox!

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